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Help with creating this effect?


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Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to Logic having moved over from Reason about 4 months ago, and am getting to grips with the plug-ins and what they can do.


I really want to try and re-create an effect I've heard in a track. I've attached a link to a 15 sec clip so if anyone has the time to listen to it I'd love to know how it's done. Its about 7 secs in and is the rising effect that you'll hear.


shadowdancer.mp3 - 0.76MB


It may be something as simple as pitching the synth they've used up, although it sounds more complicated than just that, like the whole track bar the kick and snare is pitching or going through some kind of filter. I asked a friend who's an experience Logic user and he just said 'sounds like an Ableton thing', but I'm sure if it is, then it's possible in Logic too..


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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