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Logic Song Compatibility


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Hey guys,


I've a bit of a head scratcher here.


A client has brought in with them a Logic 7.2 song that was written on Mac OS 10.5 (aka Leopard). Our Mac currently runs 10.3.9 as this is the last operating system version that our Pro Tools MIX system will work on - we run Logic 7.2.


Whenever I try to load their Logic song on our system I get an error message stating that, to paraphrase - "This is not a Logic Song file". Logic will continue to boot up but only to the default template.


I've deleted all Logic, Pro Tools and DAE preferences; booted-up Logic with only Core Audio drivers enabled and opened up the song within and outside (i.e. from Finder) Logic BUT IT STILL DOESN'T OPEN!


I've transfered all files to another Mac of ours which runs Logic 7.2 on Mac OS 10.4.8 and everything opens up fine.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


Many thanks!

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Yep, that was the problem and an annoying one at that!


Luckily found some info in the small print on Apple's support pages.


For the record, it's actually 7.1.1 we run on a G4 with 10.3.9. I opened up their 7.2 song (done on their Mac Book Pro running 10.5) on our G5 that runs 10.4.8 and 7.2 and saved it. Then opened the newly saved song on our G4 and it worked fine.


What a ker-fuffle!

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