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More than one CC view in the arrange or piano Roll


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Ill like to see ALL CC (mod, pan, velocity etc) in one page w/o using the hyper edit.


lke cubase ddoes.


or like logic has with its automation where you an see volume atomation and under you can see pan etc, but no Midi automaiton.


what are the workarounds of this. ?


ill like to play/record a synth and tweeak the knowbs and then see all of those tweeks in the piano roll window or arrange window if posible.

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ok. cool i got it.



but now ill have regions on my arrange and will have to edit each on the piano roll.


is there a way of being able to see and edit inside the arrange?


or to open up each region automatically in diferent piano rolls in another window/computer screen?

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Here's how I do it:


1) Hold Control as you select from the local Arrange area menu: View > Hyperdraw > Autodefine.


This opens the key command window with that key command selected. Assign it to a shortcut (click "Learn by Key Label" and press the shortcut, then close the window).


Then you select a region and use your Autodefine key command. Everytime you give it one press it will go to another type of MIDI CC contained in the region.


By doing that on multiple regions you can edit multiple MIDI CC types on additional lanes in the Arrange area.

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i got it.


one more thing.


im working with far too many tracks to clutter it more with duplicate CC ones.


how would i do the same but working on another monitor?


now i have it so when i double click a region i edit it on another monitor on the piano roll. but the piano roll has only one lane of editing.

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