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Master Fader as Studio Control

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I have AdamS3a Speakers and Digi002R. Digi's output signal is really hot for Adam, even when i turn the digi's monitor level a little up, it's getting loud very soon and it's hard to control the studio sound level with this way. So i have to make a decision about turning down the input signal trim of Adam's - or - down the volume from Logic's Master Fader. and -preferably - don't want to touch Adam's input trim.


So, I just want to know, is the Master Fader (Located right-end, without the meter) really don't affect the sound of the mix?


I mean, an example:


is 0db on digi002R and -6db on master fader is perfectly equal to

-6db on digi002R and 0db on master fader


(always keeping Adam's input trim on 0db)


in these situations above, should i really hear exactly the same sound? or should i use big knob & presonus like studio level controllers? What's the way to keep the overall headroom level on its best?



MacPro quad 3ghz, 4gb ram, 002R, Adam S3A

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S3A's? Damn- nice!

I would seriously invest in a good attenuator (analog level control, NOT digital, which WILL color things) for controlling the level, and properly calibrate. With that much cash spent on those, I can assume it is a good->great room? The 002 would make a decent "bedroom" level control, but IMO it is a bit lacking. You can find VERY nice quality, simple single knob controls that look like a joke, but are very clean, or go for some top end stuff, even a very high quality digitally controlled analog (the analog attenuators will typically step instead of sweep).


Properly calibrated out, all should match, and that Master in Logic can basically stay "hidden."

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