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Cycle Mode in Sample Editor not cycling the selection Help:)


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Hey guys,


Im running through the EXS tutorials, and when I am in Sample editor selecting a region to "loop" using the marquee tool, no matter what I do it does not cycle through the region I selected with the marquee tool.



Here is the process.


1. Double Click an Audio Region which opens up the sample editor.

2. I sleect a portion of the region in sample editor.

3. I turn ON cycle mode in the Sample editor.

4. I click the play/speaker icon IN the sample editor.


Result - It plays the entire regions and does not loop. I have tried turning off Cycle Mode in the arrange window to the same effect.


This is why I have been using the arrange view to chop up my samples.




Its driving me crazy, Im sure its just a setting but I was tweaking and didnt come to a resolution.


THanks everyone.



Is the behavior diffrent in Loigc 7.2.3?

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Well.. there's no marquee tool in the sample editor, so I suppose you must be using the Pointer tool? That's what you should do: select a portion with the Pointer tool, make sure the cycle button is on at the top of the sample editor (this is separate from the main Cycle mode), and click the speaker button. Only the selection should loop.
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You are right, Im using the Pointer Tool (which should yield the same result as the Marquee Tool in Arrange window.



Its seems really simple, but no matter what it does NOT cycle the region in Sample Editor.


Maddening! Is there a setting in the Project itself which would cause this behavior?

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I narrowed it down to this.


.caf apple loops - consistently exhibit this behavior


Convert the same Apple Loop to new audio file in .aiff - no problem.


Can anyone else confirm this? Make sure its a .caf Blue or Green Apple Loop.




This is the second bug I have seen related to .caf., Ultrabeat OSC 2 Sampler contains the other one.

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That should be documented somewhere. I can work with Loops in Arrange view, but not in Sample Editor view.


I now realize cutting up all of my loops will have an extra step since the majority are in Apple Loop format.


Definitely wasted an hour of my time. Thanks for the feedback as always Dave.


Im trying to work out coming out to LA for the 301 class on the 21st.




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