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best headphones for electronic dance music

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hi everyone


i'm looking for a good headphone to work on.


i'll have to work away from my studio for one month without monitor speakers (i currently use a pair of dynaudio BM5)...


i'm looking for a pair of headphones with a completely flat response, and with a good presence of bass frequencies, and overall well balanced.


i've tested the AKG 271Studio, and as comfortable and clean as they are in the mid-high end, unfortunately lack in accuracy and presence in the low end: kick seem slightly muffled and subass as well.


I've tried the beyer's DT990 and i think on the contrary have too much presence in the low end and lack the mid range 1k-2k


i produce electronic dance music, teck house, tecno, no vocals, so kick and bass are the foundation of my tracks. these cans will be needed for studio work only (produce and mix).


any suggestions? i'll be working on these headphones for long hrs for one month straight and will not need a complete isolation, so semi-open could work too


your tips will be greatly appreciated



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Reading the topic title I was about to suggest the AKG K271 which I own but seems like you don't like it. :wink:


What do you mean by flat?? because I think the AKG is one of the flatter headphones I had the chance to try. Yes the bass is lacking in it but that's how it is when it is flat, At constant volume low freq seem much lower in amplitude than high frequencies, so unless some artificial bass boost, you'll never have bass sound as powerful as mids/highs.


I realize I don't really help you there but that's all I can say.


K240 if you don't want a closed headphone, DT770 seem to be quite appreciate as well amongst producers.

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Every DJ I've known, including myself, has used a pair of Sony MDR-700s at least once. That said, they're very bass heavy and color the sound but when people start moving to studio monitor headphones, which are meant to be flat and accurate of course, unless you're paying special attention to how much the subs are tuned up in clubs or raves, or have a thoughtfully arranged subwoofer among your studio monitor speakers, it seems so easy to mistake the bass levels as being clear instead of muddy, or just plain off.


If you are making songs for a dance floor, I suggest possibly two - I like the Sony V900HD for studio monitors (I use them for DJing now as well), and a pair of more common DJ headphones so you can hear what the dj is actually going to hear and mix by.


My 2 cents. A bit more expensive 2 cents, but be dj friendly?

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hi guys


thanks for your tips and suggestions


after some testing in the shop with a reference track i brought with me, i settled with a pair of AKG 141

among all of the ones i tested, it seemed to represent the lows just as well as what i hear out of my monitor speakers, although i must say is not the most comfortable headset to work on, but i can get adjusted to it. (271's were more comfortable indeed)

mid-hi's were fine too


i also tested here back in the studio and it seems to deliver what i need.


thanks anyway!


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