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Audio signal completely disappearing from project ... eeeek!


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Hi there,


I have been getting used to logic from cubase for around 2-3 months now


moved to mac ..... and loving it!


However I have a slight problem with Logic 8 Pro


Every now and again I do something and the audio output from all tracks in the arrange window stops and it wont come back... even if i restart logic


Like its playing ... nothing appears to have changed in the audio routing but there is nothing even showing up in the levels from the arrange tracks


If I select an instrument track I can play notes from my keyboard but it just doesnt play back whats in the arrange window


So Ill start putting something new in arrange or entering midi notes manually and all the audio comes back ... sometimes


Nothing is muted or solo'd?

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What audio interface do you use?

Because I have the same problem as you. Even MIDI signals stop working.

I'm using a Motu 828MKII firewire with the latest drivers and Logic 8 running on Leopard. 1 week old fresh installation of OS, Logic and drivers.

I had the same problem with previous driver version,Tiger and Logic 7.

Oh yeah... and I've tried 3 different firewire cables. No diffrence.


The only way for me to continue working afterwards is to save the project, quit logic, power cycle the Motu (Sometimes more then once), then relaunch the project and continue working.

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