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Controlling Ultrabeat and Sculpture with fader messages


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Hey guys. Question for you. How do I control Ultrabeat with fader messages? Also, is there any kind of list of which fader messages control which parameters in Sculpture and Ultrabeat? I can control Ultrabeat by cabling it to another instance of Ultrabeat and twiddling the knobs on the first instance, and yet, when I create a fader that sends the same message as, say, the filter cutoff knob, I twiddle to no end.


Sculpture is also a bit weird, as its faders send and receive different fader messages. I've sent fader messages 0-127 on channel 2, and though some control vital functions (objects, pickups, adsr), most do nothing. Sculpture's delay and EQ sections are immune to fader messages entirely.


Did Apple neglect to incorporate environment functionality for its flagship synth and drum machine? Admittedly, they are incredibly huge, each representing over 128 parameters, exceeding the limits of the protocol. Even so, no documentation? No word to us environment geeks? At least quash my hope, Apple.


David, I seem to remember you posting on the subject of fader control of Logic's plugins. Got anything on this (very niche) topic?


Thanks y'all!



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