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Logic 8 constantly asking me to locate impulse responses


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whenever i load new template sessions or load channel strip presets Logic is asking me where files are.



i try to load channel strip preset ANALOG WARM BASS and up comes a dialog box that say "Please locate:1.4s_Nice Room.SDIR"


if there a way to stop this from happening?


it's a bit maddening to manually find these settings constantly.


any help would be greatly appreciated.


thank you

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This problem comes from pre-8 CST files that weren't properly replaced at the time Logic 8 was intalled — these files contain wrong references to Logic 7's I.R. location. A 2nd installation is needed to radically cure the problem: just check the first Logic Pro item in the Custom Install panel to upgrade those files (you don't need to check the other items).


Alternately, if you still need to run Logic 7 along with Logic 8, the simplest you can do is put a symbolic link to the new I.R. location.


No one actually needs funky spotlights these days.

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It wasn't my case either: apparently, the installer does this whenever there are remnants of a previous Logic 7 installation, be it the application itself, or pkg-receipts in the /library/receipts/ folder, or whatever...


It's the install script overdoing it to ensure you'll still be able to use L7 with the new CST files: if those IR files were still in the expected location, either Logic 7 or 8 would find them right away.

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