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syncing simple setup


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i have been reading these forums and the manual for a couple of days now trying to get a very simple setup to work properly.


i have an old yamaha sy77 with lots and lots of disks full of sequences i did back in high school. all i am trying to do is set the sync options properly so that the sy77 sequencer begins playing when i press record on logic's sequencer and subsequently keeps in time with logic.


i'm almost there except for the fact that when i am recording the sy77 sequence into logic, the sequencer intermittently drags and so i have to go back and tidy up everything in the piano roll editor (for all 16 channels!)


i thought that maybe too much midi info was choking up logic, so i tried to mute the sequence except for one track and record one track at a time. same thing. Also, when i play the sequence from the sy77 with the click on, i can hear the click drag when the sequence does, so the sequence is always playing with the proper click, it's just the whole thing drags.


i have resorted to just playing the sy77 thru without midi sync and then aligning the whole sequence up to a bar in logic, but even then the metronomes might be off a little, because it's never quite in sync at the end of the song.


there are a couple relative options on the sy77 that i have played with: local on/off and song setup> midi control on/off to no avail.


and there are sooo many options in logic that i don't even know where to begin: mmc, mtc, auto sync in, trigger, continuous, blah blah blah. i have tried them all.


i'm sure i'm just missing the correct combination of all these, but i can't seem to wrap my head around it.


thanks for reading,



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