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Tab to Transient


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Does anyone know why when I try to tab to transient, the playhead goes all the way to the end of the entire song, then to get it back I press the left arrow only to have it snap to whole bars that have nothing to do with transients.


I would like to use this feature, but obviously something isn't working right.


I'm using 10.4.9 on a MacBook Pro with Logic 8.0 no updates installed.

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I realize you didn't ask a "how to" type of question ... but this is the answer that I have been giving to everybody (when this subject comes up):


Tab To Transient Type Operation


I hope that helps you.


Take care.

Thanks so far, selecting with all the marquee helps. But, when I shift-right arrow the cursor moves to the very end of the song still. Hitting the shift-left arrow only gives 3 transients per a 16 bar drum loop. It looks like either the 8.0 Transient doesn't work, something is wrong with my Logic, or who knows at this point.


There aren't any other options that can customize the tab to transient non feature.


Oh well, guess no transient tabbing for me. Maybe 8.0.1 may fix this.

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This has always worked well for me, I never had any trouble with it. Try it on a different audio file.

Keep it simple, record in a couple of noises (claps or something clear, and transient), and see if it responds to that.


Is your channel grouped with any other channel?

Have you tried going backwards from the end?

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