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Why do my speakers suddenly produce a buzz?

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When I plugged my KRK speakers into mac they started to buzzing. I still can hear audio though.

There is no buzz in my headphones through the same out put.

When I plug the speakers into another computer the buzzing is gone.

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OK, when I unplug the Xdrive fire wire cable the buzz is gone.

I found that even when the drive is off, the buzz is still there (with fire wire in).

So problem is the power cable on the drive.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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I used to get a horrible buzz on my speakers. Really did my head in. Never found the exact reason for the hissing but if i hear it again i will def try the power cable of my firewire drive. Interesting.

By plugging the drive to a socket in another room I managed to get rid of most of the buzz.

...that happens quite often...


good speakers like yours deserve a good source....


it´s time for an interface...

It is coming soon ;)

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