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Lost Preferences and more control surface assign irritations


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Howdy, anyone who can help or is having similar issues...


L8.01, Macbook 2.2ghz, 10.5.1, 4GB ram.


Im using a behringer nano controller to adjust plugin settings live.


Apart from Logics 'not so perfect' controller assignment system, my main problem is saving the learned assignments. The preference file that used to exist on my previous set up (all the same except PB G4) and is referred to in the manual doesn't seem to exist anymore. Anyone know where its gone?


And having just now crashed logic, on launch, the learned controller assignments are gone...so i have to go through the tedious learn process again.




..and as soon as i can get one into New Zealand, ill ditch the behringer and get a Novation Nocturn! that thing looks the business.




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Although this process could be re worded and simplified a bit more, it does work. I would suggest looking into newer control surfaces with auto mapping capability to eliminate the need to manually program ever again.


Be patient while I explain the solution. It may be helpful or a pain.


FIRST: Go to your controller preference folder ( com.apple.logic.pro.cs )

If you have trouble finding that file type it into your search.


Create a NEW FOLDER in that directory and label My Logic Contoller Prefs (or whatever you want).


Start by making a copy of your controller preference file and move it to the My Logic Controller Prefs file. (For safe keeping)


SECOND: Open your song and program your controller to your hearts content.

Save and close LOGIC completely.


THIRD: Go to your controller preference folder ( com.apple.logic.pro.cs )


Rename the com.apple.logic.pro.cs with an additional extention and hit (example: com.apple.logic.pro.cs Song01 or com.apple.logic.pro.cs Johnny Cash uses credit cards)


This is the file with your new controller assignments. Your original is sitting in the New My Logic pref folder you created. So now you have 2 controller files.


When Logic boots up it will look for a file labeled com.apple.logic.pro.cs


So let's say you created 20 new controller pref files and you want to load one,

Simple trash the com.apple.logic.pro.cs file (not the saved one) and drag a copy of the controller file of your choice out of your My Logic pref folder and into the Logic Pref section. Rename your file back to com.apple.logic.pro.cs.


Open Logic and your new controller setting should be there. Any changes you make to it while Logic is opened will be saved when you close the file.


Now let's say you want the original pref back with no controllers.

Trash the Logic controller pref file and place a copy of the original controller file in its place. Rename it (if needed) to com.apple.logic.pro.cs.


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Man, sorry to take so long to get back to this after your prompt replies, its the start of university here and there are shows every night and some during the day etc that im working at...fortunately i get to actually perform twice this weekend at the big shows with the boss's nice stereo's (eaw 760's :P)




David...yeah thats where it was on my old set up (PBG4 L8 ) but that file ONLY exists in my new set up (MB2.2 C2D) cos i put a copy of it there from the previous machine...


which leads me to Shivermetimbers...yeah totally! thats what i was doing on the old machine, i had copies of the file so i could trash and paste if things went screwy...i hope other people read that and heed the advice


so what i do have is...








I did a search after doing the first set of controllers assignments so i could copy the file...and it wasnt there but these were...so then i put my copy in, but i still lost all the assignments when Logic crashed...


and man i hope the novation controller is available soon!


enuff already, i fired up logic today and all the assignments are still there...if i do lose em it only takes me 5 mintues to re do em...i just dont want to worry about having to right before a show...


thanks thanks!



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