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Logic with motu micro express generate SMPTE(LTC) won't work


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Hello all,


I just bought a midi/smpte MOTU interface (MICRO EXPRESS) because I wanted to slave my protools system (via LTC) to my Logic system.


I first slaved my protools by striping LTC from the motu interface just to make sure protools was connected properly and receiving SMPTE. Protools synced perfectly to the striped timecode.


Then I tried to play a Logic project to see if it would generate ltc through the Motu interface. It didn't work. I tried to configure Logic to generate smpte but the only menu I found to generate ltc was for the Unitor 8.


I had previously installed the driver as well as the software called Clockworks provided with the Motu.


I tried to setup Clockwroks to generate ltc via the preset "sequencer 25fps".

Nothing happens.


However I managed to setup Logic to generate MTC through the MOTU interface to another midi interface connected to the protools system. Protools synced perfectly well via MTC, but I can't use this setup since it doesn't allow me, for other reasons, to use my video reference as a clock source.


It seems Logic isn't recognizing the MOTU interface as a synchronization interface...


Would anyone have a solution to this problem.


Thank you very much !

Please help !


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