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Duplicate Midi + Strange Comping


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I have two issues I'm hoping someone can help me clear-up. I've just switched over from Cubase so I'm still learning the endless possibilities that logic seems to offer.


Num 1: I've noticed that when i record a midi part the notes are duplicated (stacked on-top of eachother. Is there an option somewhere for this?


Num 2: Ok, this one might be a bug. If I record a midi track (might be the same for audio, haven't tried that yet) in such a way that is initiates the comping feature (i.e the record part overlapped a previous region) then when i go to play back the region there is no sound. Actually it's not just with comping. If i use the overwrite function (that orange X) so my new region follows the previous one with no overlap the part will still not play back. It is as if it's muted (like cubase does automatically when you overlap stuff). Problem is the region isn't Greyed out and even if you mute/unmute it/solo it there is still no playback. If i restart logic the region appears greyed out, i un-mute it and it plays. Bug??





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