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from sony now to logic 8 question re: editing


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this question comes in the form of my years of using sound forge, and now looking at the editor in logic 8.


i read in the maualthat when u edit in the editor of logic, its known as "destructive" editing.. u make a change and it changes the original sampl, so its recommended to make a copy of the sample and edit that.. fair enough..


but what about cutting various loops out of a sample.. or a song, or a vocal.. or guitar parts.. and have the intent to save them as individual new loops or samples .. like in sound forge, i was cutting loops from various music with the intent to use and arrange for cheerleading competition arrangments for some clients of mine, and will still in the future....


Lets say i wanted two parts from a song from high school musical 2 in two different locations of the song, i would hilight the first part, copy, then click in the corner of sound forge "new window" (or whatever its called) and then paste the segment in that, clean and loop it up perfectly then save as a wav.


then id close that window, go back to the original song i was taking pieces from, and repeat the process with the other part i wanted..


after all is said and done, id still have the main song i copied from, and also now, two loops from it in wav format.


is there any way i can get this same style of convienience editing with the editor in logic?


summarize; take a sample or song, and take more than one peice out of it and save those pieces as new files without compromising the original sample im taking from (like copy and pasting the pieces into fresh new editing windows and saving as a new wave from there). without having to make a bunch of copies of the original sample to edit from.


thanks guys!!



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1. Import the file to Logic's Arrange window

2. Cut it into pieces (regions) which you need (this is totally nondestructive)

3. Select the regions you need and choose Convert Regions to New Audio Files from the Audio menu

4. Give them a name and location and choose OK

5. Choose Window > Audio Bin

6. From the Audio Bin choose Audio File > Add Audio File. Navigate to your new files and import all of them to Audio Bin.

7. Press Command + A and drag the files from bin to Arrange window.


Note that you can drag the files directly from the Finder to Arrange window too.



Easy enough?



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