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Question On A Simple Edit


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I am a recovering Pro Tools User and new to Logic. My question is...... say i have 10 tracks of audio and midi and i simply want to make an edit across all of the tracks.Maybe 2 measures in length and delete that and i want the right side to butt up to the left side,How do i do that?is it a key command,there are so many different key commands and i dont know all of the definitions yet. and the biggest problem is the language between the 2 programs imho.But if could learn this little edit i would be grateful to this board once again.


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Being that you're on the beginning of the learning curve, I'll give you some ideas...


1. Select all tracks (CMD-A). Use the scissor tool to cut the tracks at the desired start point. Let's say it's measure 33 of your track. Then make another cut at meas. 35. Select the bit in the middle and hit Delete. Now you have a gap. Select all of the tracks on the right side of the gap and slide them to the left two measures. Bingo.


2. Selcet all tracks. Then enter the position of your first cut in the left locator. Playhead moves to that position. Use the key command "split at playhead". Then enter the position of your second cut in the left locator. Use that same key command again. Select the middle bit, hit delete. Grab the tracks on the right side of the gap and slide them two measures to the left. Bingo.


3. Use the marquis tool to outline the area you want to delete. If "Shuffle L" is selected in the arrange window's drag mode menu, all you have to do is delete that section you outlined and all the regions will butt up against one another. Bingo.


See, there are a million (well, at least three) ways -- and many more -- to accomplish the same thing in Logic. The simple edit you want to do can be most quickly accomplished with method #3 above. But there will be times when the other methods will prove useful too.

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