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help setting up these controllers


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I want to have my evolution controller control with the 1st fader midi volume, the 2nd fader modulation, the 3rd fader sustain, and one of the knobs control filter freq and another for resnance and so on.


but i want it to be set for all of my logic sessions.


also that it controls the plugins itself.


how can i do this? environment tinkering?

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Your controller file should always remain the same until you change it or reset to some other default. It loads/saves when you open/close Logic. ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.logic.pro.cs


The controller can be used many different ways, but normally the faders would be set to control the mixer faders to avoid using the mouse.


Also, just because you set a rotary knob to control a setting on some plug in (like a reverb or whatever) doesn't meant that knob will control all other instances of the same plug in on different insert slots.

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