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weird "distortion" when playing midiregion


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ive had this problem happening last fwe days, when some some sounds suddenly have this digital sounding distortion sound happening when playing back recorded midiregions.


when i play the same sound live from midikeyboard its fine, but when i press play i hear the distortion again ( kind a like clippind sound, but nothings clipping ).


i just tried bouncing that region, to see if the scratchin sound would be there, but the sound was fine.


and again when i soloed and played the region again in logic the scratch was audible.

so this was happening inside logic.


when deleted the plugin and inserted it again the sound was gone.


first time it happened, it was with NI Massive, second time it was IK sampletank, with just a percussive shaker sound.


its not a latency issue cos when i play the same sound live its fine, only when i press play and the sequence plays inside logic this happens. wierd.


im trying to mix my song and it just started happening again. what could cause this craklesound when logic plays. as i said nothing is clipping every other instrument is fine.


can anyone help, what shold i try.

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so i bounced the same region again, this time realtime, and now the wav file has the distortion sound also. when i bounced it offline it was clean... what is going on?


(i tried to post the wav file as an attachment, but it didnt let me?)

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