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Movie Start-use SMPTE view offset


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In Logic 7 when you set a SMPTE view offset, the Movie smpte start would follow this.

Now in L8, you can use the SMPTE view offset in the Arrange window, but there is no way to have the movie start time also use the offset.


So now in the Arrange, bar 3 is set for and the movie start is instead of also being


I'm going to send this request to Apple and would ask any other composers that use video to please request this as well. Just a check box in the Video Project Settings that says Use SMPTE View Offset.


And while were at it the ability to drag the video in the global track to something other than a 1/4 note!!


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Glad you brought this up. It's not as broken as you think, but it definitely doesn't work as expected.


I'm not at my studio now, so I'm doing this from memory, so FWIW...


Based on 8.0.1 behavior, 2-clicking on the Movie Start will cause the SMPTE field to highlight, at which point you should be able to type in the SMPTE number, using the usual separators between HH,MM,FF,SS using spaces, a period or other permitted delimiter. THIS NO LONGER WORKS.


It's now necessary to use the STUPID little arrow controls to change the movie start time.


This is one of those things where I can't believe the Logic programmers actually thought that the STUPID little arrows for changing SMPTE values, of all things, would be better than the previous (L7, L6, L5, L4) way of doing things.


My rant now over, I've been able to set separate movie start time and SMPTE offset in L8.0.1, but not without considerable aggro in the process.

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I don't think your following my post although I am aware of the jicky way of having to change the SMPTE in the Video Project Settings.

What I'm talking about is the Use SMPTE View Offset setting in the Sync prefs.

When you choose to use and view an offset in the Arrange window, there is no current way to have the movie also use that offset.

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