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Soundreduction when mixdown ?


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Hi there


New member and all, i have indeed a question i wish to get to the bottom of.

Does anybody know if there´s any reduction in the sound quality when giving the OUTPUT 1-2 all signals from all channels to make some sence of, instead of seperate, let´s say 4 stereo busses and make seperate outputs from your soundcard and then mix it together outside of logic.

The problem about this i have heard of several times and i just wonder if there is any truth in this. It´s easy to imagine that the processor of your computer could have a problem dealing with several tracks at the same time, which could reduce the quality, and also that maybe it´s a problem for Logic itself to handle all the data

correctly throughout 40 different audio tracks. However if anybody knows something about this, please comment on this. And remember this is not a Analog vs Digital question.

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Hi Mats


Welcome here.


There's no processor overload problems associated with the bounce function in Logic or, indeed, any other sequencer which does offline rendering of audio. What happens is that the computation just gets done right, however long it takes. If you watch your bar/beat display when bouncing, you can actually *see* the CPU labouring over a region or two which might have reverb and a couple of other FX on ! ! !


As far as external submix is concerned, I know several people who swear *by* it and several more who swear *at* it 8)


Quality-wise, there's no reason to suppose that the bounce computation in Logic will trip over a single 1-2 mix any more or less than a 4-group submix output - in fact, the latter is probably going to slow the bounce down more. But the quality will be identical. The folk I know who habitually mix digitally produced music on external kit do so because they perceive (or claim to perceive) some benefit from the sonic character of the desk/amps/pre's/whatever, that they're using. IMHO, I think that, where stuff wholly produced in the digital domain is concerned, these people are probably talking bollox !



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Hi and thanks..


It´s not so much about bouncing a complete track into a stereo pair, but i heard that Logic´s own busses can´t handle all the data coming from several different tracks, and when it sums up in the output1-2, there´s really a problem for the software to

maintain all the initial bits used when recorded. However this is true or not i don´t know but i´m quite intriged to know what´s what.


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