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Logic Pro equivalent of Cubase's "Step Designer"?


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Hi everyone,


I recently switched over to Logic from Cubase SX3 on a Mac and I'm having trouble emulating a function from Logic that is similar to Cubase's "Step Designer" midi plugin that is capable of randomizing midi notes and creating wacked out effects.


Before in Cubase, it was all too simple. Load a VST instrument, load a Step Designer on that VST's channel and press the 'random' button.


This is more painful to do in Logic and i'm not quite sure how to do it truthfully. My only solution to this problem is to buy a midi plugin that is capable of performing functions of Step Designer or something similar to Reason's "Matrix Sequencer".


Does anyone have any suggestions on which plugin to get (if it exists) for Logic Pro 8 on a Mac?


any help would be great!

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