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Jampacks - missing loops / channel settings --- SOLVED


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Hi, new Logic 8 user here and just looking for a little help!


I have done a 'complete' install of logic studio including all jampacks and soundtrack pro files. The only thing I didnt install were the hardware files.


I have a few issues and concerns;


1) When I view the loops browser and click on 'Show all' I only have 16,495 loops showing when im meant to have over 18,000 according to the Apple advertising?


2) Apple loops listed under Soundtrack Pro only contains 2544 items. Is that correct?


3) Do my channel settings look complete in the library? I do not have anything listed from the Remix Tools jampack?


4) Similarly, does my EXS library look complete or are some things missing, eg, Analog extreme sounds...where are they listed?


5) Jampack instruments in general are confusing me a little. Are the instruments actually just all the channel settings that you navigate to via the library panel?


6) Going back to the soundtrack content. How come the folder size is so big and yet it only gives me an extra 2500 loops?


I have included screenshots below if you would care to take a quick look through them, thanks!




BTW, I should probably add that I have installed the content files on an external drive and im using a MBP 2.4 :)




Jampacks available


Library screenshot


EXS instruments available to me


Soundtrack loops I have available available


All Loops tab pressed showing less than 18,000 loops

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Ive spent the whole day trying to get to the bottom of this but with no luck :cry:


I saw a screenshot on here of someones channel list and it had the remix tools folder there which im assuming holds the instruments. Could someone help me out here or at least give me a clue?


Also, could anyone tell me how many loops they have...ie; do you have the 18,000 + that apple claim?

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1. I don't know about the final number of 18,000, because I didn't install the Soundtrack Pro content, but if you look at this page




it says '...including 12,000 Apple Loops from five Jam Pack collections,' which checks out for me. If I add up just the 5 Jampacks, I get 12,335. Then I have an additional 1616 from the Garageband Jampack to bring my total up to 13,951. I can only assume the rest of those loops to make 18000 are Sountrack Pro loops. If your numbers match these, then at least you'll know you have all of the Jampacks correctly. If you actually go to the 'Apple Loops for Jampack' folder, it should be about 21gbs. If it is, then either the calculation by Apple is off, or not all of the STP Apple Loops are showing up, even though you have them in the folder. Then you just have to start digging to see what the issue is. If you need to reindex your loops, check this out:



If you're missing 'Remix Tools' channel strip settings (which you are, you should have something there), perhaps you're missing Remix Loops too. I have 2230 for that one.



2. Again, don't know how many show up in the Loop Browser, but that folder should be about 21gb.



3. Everything else looks good, but yes you should have something listed for Remix Tools. Do a spotlight search for 'Arcade Attack,' which is the first Channel Strip Setting for the Remix tools Jampack. It should be in /Library/Application Support/ Garageband/Instrument Library/Track Settings/Software/Bass. If you have that, then for some reason the CSS's are not showing up in Logic. If you don't have it, chances are you're missing some content. In that case you need to manually go into your Logic disks to look for specific content. Here are instructions:



4. Mine looks the same. Which setting exactly are you looking for? If it's a LP7 setting, it should be in the Legacy folder.


5. Yes, and some individual settings for some of the instruments. A lot of them are EXS 24 Sampler settings and files.


6. Best thing to do is start cross referencing what you have in the Apple Loops For Garageband folder (if the folder is about 21gb. Otherwise you're missing content and need to get it off the disks), to see whether there are loops in those folders that aren't showing up in the Loop Browser.




That's all I got. Hope this helps! :mrgreen:

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Thanks for replying Zuelito...nice to know someone read my post! :P I obviously had problems so drastic action was called for!


What I did was delete EVERYTHING connected to Logic Studio as well as Garageband including receipts etc. I then reinstalled (the lot minus the Legacy and hardware) and now everything shows up and I have over 20,000 loops showing...happy camper :D


Hope this helps someone else.


BTW, I used AppDelete to rid my garageband stuff. i would have used it on Logic but I had already deleted the application file (why application files dont delete the other 1000 files along with the app when you delete it is beyond me....nice move Apple)

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This issue has been going on since the release of Logic 8, there's a problem with the installer. Apple recommends reinstalling everything if loops or samples are missing. Do a search on this forum for "Pacifist" for details on another method of dealing with this. I'm gald to hear that the reinstall worked for you. - Emile
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