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Recording Vocals - minimizing delay


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Question 1 - When you guys are recording vocals do you have software monitoring on? I have a pretty basic setup with my mic going into preamp and preamp going into my Input 3 of my Digi 002. Inputs 1 and 2 are used by my Mackie mixer which I have other gear hooked into such as record play, fener rhodes, guitar pod etc. Anyway, is this the best way to minimize latency?


In case its necessary, Im running


Logic 7.1

Intel Macintosh


Question 2 - How do I set up a cue mix in Logic 7?


Question 3 - Does anyone use a DIgi 002? If so did you have any problems switching to Logic 8 with it? Did you need to download the latest ProTools drivers? Isnt this a drag? Is there a way to get the Digi 002 Drivers alone? I cant seem to find them except attached to the ProTools upgrade which cost $$


Thanks people

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question 2....


100% of the time i build a cue mix off a mixer - whether a 12 channel mackie or a 72 channel neve - always the board - never from the computer,


Say Im recording vocals. I will output all the music to outs 1&2


I will output the vocal tracks to outs 3&4


Then use the aux sends on the mixer to send to my headphone amplifier.


Now i can quickly adjust the cue mix on the singers request, and i can quickly adjust the levels that i hear. when doubling vocals i can turn the music almost all the way down to hear them better.


I cant stand using logic's or pro tools bussing for cues - its a waste of time!!

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