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Vdrums HD1 -> Logic 8 -> Drumbox (how)


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I have a macbook pro leopard + logic pro 8 and a fastrack midi connected to my midi bay, signal goes to all my stuff in/out... it works.


I just bought Vdrums HD1 from Roland. On this unit the midi channel is 10 and the note sent are fixed. I can't change it.


I want to use it to play the sounds of my R8 drumbox.


It is working... meaning that when i play on my Vdrums i ear the R8 playing.

BUT the notes are wrong.


My bassdrums sound like a heat and my toms are 3 differents snares. :))))


All i need is to create in Logic an instrument (or a device ?) that receive note "A" from my Vdrums and send the note "B" to my R8. It can't be just changing the octave. I need to set 8 notes seperatly. Of course i need Logic to record it that way.


Then i guess i should be able to duplicate it to create several sets of drums.

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Well to understand my problem, imagine a use Notator since version 2 on Atatri then followed with my songs and my template till now.


That's mean it is a VERY long time ago i didn't get into environment to understand how it work. (aqain i want to play with help not to be a logic or midi pro)


Getting into environment i found my R8. By double-cliking there is a "change output note" i test it, it is good.


So i have duplicate my R8 instrument, named it Vdrums Rock and change the outpu to my "rock" sound into the R8. Work perfect !


Done a pop set and now i just have to build more.


Working i'm not sure it is the best but it is rocking for me.


Hope this help other noob

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