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Saving Hyper Sets

Rolo Tomasi

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What I'm trying to do is to create Hyper Sets for all of my VI's and have them saved so I can readily access them via the event definition parameter box. What I can't figure out is how to actually save them. I must not be interpreting the manual correctly as it relates to saving Hyper Sets. P.434: "...any alterations you make (to a created Hyper Set), such as adding or redefining event definitions, or adjusting the vertical zoom setting, are automatically stored in the current hyper set.


Only after I had created 127 event definitions for my hyper set and then closed and reopened Logic did I realize that I had not actually saved it. I had only stored it in the current project, which is basically exactly what the manual says.


So my question is, is it then necessary to create Hyper Set templates? Is that the idea?

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You can open up a project and actually import the hyper sets into the current project from a previous project.


File > Project Settings > Import Project Settings.


Hyper sets is available as an option.


Then you would probably want to save it in a project template.

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