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A little help with the iMic


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Hi, I recently purchased Logic Pro 8, an I'm lovin' it, but I must say I'm facing an issue. I was trying to record guitar parts using my iMic, and it reads fine as an imput in my system preferences, but Logic seems to not read it at all, ignoring the presence of a real instrument.

Can anyone help me out?

As for my setup I have a G5 1.8 GHz ppc, and I'm running it on Tiger 10.4.11.

Once again any advice is more than appreciated.

Thank you

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First, you should read the manual.


That said:


1. Are you trying to record in an audio track in Logic, right?


2. Did you choose the right input on this audio track? (the iMic should have two mono inputs - L & R - or 1 stereo pair)


3. Is Logic not getting any signal at all or Logic is recording audio but you cannot listen to what was recorded?


4. Is your audio track armed to record?


6. Is your guitar plugged?


Man it's hard to know what's wrong.

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yes...it shows but when i go to play on my live instrument (guitar) nothing happens, no sound, nothing.


You should make an Aggregate Device in Os X. Use Audio MIDI Setup in your Application > Utilities folder.

Then Start Logic and choose the Aggregate Device as your Core Audio Interface.

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LogicRocks, rather than having each one of us guess at your situation and possible solution depending on what you've done and what you haven't done, it would help if you can detail all the setup you've done so far. Did you choose the right input? Do you get any audio signal in? When you switch back to built-in do you hear the recorded audio?


If you want monitor while recording you have to setup an aggregate device (search the forums for "aggregate", tons of info).

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