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Strange plugin behavior when multiple sessions open...


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I haven't been able to reliably duplicate this problem, but I'm no no longer game to have more than one session open and switch between them!


It seems that when switching between sessions (ie different versions of the mix saved in the same project folder ) or even whole songs (saved to different session folders), sometimes some plugins will not retain their settings, and my mix is stuffed!

For example, I go back to the first song I mixed, and the eq on the channel I was working on has reverted to flat! Or the compressor on another channel has defaulted back to the platinum setting. Or the space designer levels have changed. It's almost like it's taking the settings from the song I just switched from....??? I even the Auto Filter stopped working and refused to behave until I shut down every session and restarted Logic! (BTW, the most I've have open at once was 4).


This is driving me nuts. Anyone else had this kind of thing?

How does everyone manage multiple song versions - save in the same project folder? Maybe I'm doing something wrong somewhere...I'm pretty sure I apple-s before I change session - maybe I forget to do it occasionally. Might need to experiment a bit more.... :?

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