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Nelly Furtardo-SayItRight(OshiOneRemix)


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sounds great man!


I actually have been listening to the original a lot because this guy I'm producing sent that to me as a reference.


so how did you go about getting the tracks (the vocals, backgrounds, etc.) to do the mix? did you have to contact her people or something?


and will you be selling this or what?



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thanks guys,well u can find acapella any where on the net just google,as for the backing i produced it all in logic with logic synths,i use various sample banks for drums etc,i stayed very true to the original for this remix,i felt it sat well at like that so i went with it.

once again thanks for youre comments :)

oh and i wont sell this lol,its just an ilegal bootleg,just fun to work with great vocals

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