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Interface for Imac 2.8 - Leopard - Logic Pro 8

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I know that this has been a hot topic and I am really frustrated. I've been reading and waiting for 3 months, getting more confused each day. I'm hoping that there is someone out there that has the same setup as me who has found something that works.


I already tried the Alesis I/O 26 and and Edirol UA-25. After a lot of time on the phone with techs, we couldn't get either to work.


My setup is 3 month old iMac 2.8 with Leopard and Logic Pro 8. If possible, I would a combination audio and MIDI interface. I only need 1 or 2 inputs.


I've read pros and cons on a lot of gear but things change rapidly and what might not have worked 2 weeks ago, might work now. That's why I'm breaking down and actually asking for help.


I am considering a Motu Ultralite. A Duet is also a possibility even though it doesn't have MIDI. At this point, I can even live with just a MIDI interface to control my Triton Extreme.


I'd appreciate any suggestions.




Bob Mitchell

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