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Logic - Drums, Tube Simulators & Reason


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Can someone give me some reccos?





BFD seems to suck with Logic (love the sounds but f*%@ it right?) ...EZ drummer sounds good to me but is stable?


I am running the Addicitve Drums demo and it loads up and works no problem but im not convinced they have the best sounds.





T-Racks is what i used to use but like BFD its just not showing up for me.....bugger.


Should it not show up as an "AU"?





it installed and i can open it as a stand alone but how does one make Logic 8 open it....and what does it open as? VST? AU?



forgive the ignorance, and thanks in advance.



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yes i have bfd 2 and i am waiting for the 2.0.3 update and hopefully it will work better.it is makeing me angry that i spent money on this and it works so bad.


as for Addictive drums i like it and it more stable.but i do believe that bfd 2 will blow it away once the bugs are worked out.


as for reason 4 havent really used it since i've been useing logic 8.i will say on another topic that after doing alot of recording with logic.that i believe it sounds better than Pro tools.my guitar player noticed it as well.thought i'd throw that in this reply.cheers

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Hey JLow, i responded to your other thread but wanted to add, BFD 1.5.47 works fine with my system ... I'm running a Mac OS X 10.5.2 and Logic 8.0.1 ...


Reason runs via Rewire inside of Logic... i have never used it myself but i believe you have to set a Rewire instrument in the environment ... make a new instrument and scroll down to where it says Internal...


For additional help do a search on the forum or go to the manual ... wish i could be more help but, like i said, i have never used Reason within Logic ... ( I think the sounds it offers equate to old-school video game audio )

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