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LP8 file will not save

Nigel Mk II

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Hi all,

I have been working on a project, and after merging long edited drum tracks, and slicing them up, using tab to transient function, the file wont save, it says cannot save file, it tries to save it as " file blah blah 6 tilda" tilda being that that funny squiggle line, i cant even find it on my keyboard, but it doesnt save even one change, and I end up with file blah blah 6 tilda tilda tilda, but no saved changes.

all this started after merging audio files, and a lot of editing. is it too many edits, maybe?

i tried reducing the size of the project, and moved and deleted all non used audio, helped for 2 minutes, now nothing seems to help. I cant save any changes. I have exported all the tracks, I am gonna try again in a different ptoject, but I would like to repair this project, if possible.

cheers, Nigel Mk II

edit: latest x.4 installed, 8.0.1, prokit 4.5 , latest qt, so no updates needed.

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