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Seperate Audio Channels in .mov format.


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Hello All:


I just bought Logic Pro, I'm a certified newbie; this weekend has been quite a learning experience.


I'm working on editing short film project that is very audio intensive.


for the film, I recorded music (solo piano) 2 different ways: 1) live to Garageband with a single mic and 2) to an HDCAM tape through a Sony F900R Camera with multiple mics.


When I had the HD footage digitized, I asked the editor, who uses Final Cut (I might specify that I do not have Final Cut on my computer) to include seperate audio files so that I could edit sound with Logic Pro.


It appears as though he only captured .mov files. I cannot find any folder specifically with audio files.


When I open the QUICKTIME .mov files in Soundtrack Pro, it shows the 4 seperate Audio Channels in the arranger.


Is there a way I can copy these seperate channels and work with them in Logic Pro?


Any input is appreciated


Anthony from Canada

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