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mac won't recognize commercial CD?


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This ever happened to any of you out there?? Ya load in a perfectly good commercial CD so that you can rip it into iTunes and your mac won't even recognize it (won't even show up in the finder). For example: "Hello" by Poe. I tried to rip it into my G4 powerbook a few years ago, and this happened. I had a roommate at the time who just ripped it into his pc and then I just grabbed it off the network. So today I'm tryin' to rip a bunch of CDs into my brand new imac and this happens again to the same cd. What gives??


My wife has a USB cd drive for her work laptop, so I'm gonna give that a shot later, but I wish I knew why this was happening.


It's happened to a few other CDs of mine too.

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I've had this happen quite a few times, actually.


In fact, I don't use my iMac or Macbook internal drives when ripping to iTunes anymore. I've had them "hang on" to a few CDs they couldn't read, forcing me to to a hard reboot (power button hold) to get them out (trying to just reboot properly or eject just got me the beachball for eternity).


My assumption is that it's the drives not liking some of the CDs... and my Macs will try forever (they don't seem to every give up trying to mount the disk). Not all CDs are created equally.


I use a USB DVD/CD drive now, which works well on more of my CD than the internal Mac drives, and I don't have to reboot the machine when it has issues.


Not a huge deal.


- zevo

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