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Need help! New to Logic Pro.

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Not too pricey? Hey, that's what credit cards are for! :mrgreen:


What you need to buy all depends on what you want to do. If you want to play instrument sounds you'll need at least some kind of keyboard controller (makes no sound, just has keys/knobs/sliders/switches) or, some kind of keyboard/synth that does produce its own sound but can also double as a controller.


Other than that, when it comes to recording and playing back audio there are too many variables. Post back and describe what you're looking to do.

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Thanks for your reply!


I wanna do some instruments recording. I mainly play guitar, and i can play some drums and bass as well. I am gonna try to record my music, so that's why I got the logic pro. But I just don't know what's the best to get.


You have mentioned the keyboard controller. Any good suggestion?


Thanks for your help men!

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When people ask what kind of keyboard to recommend, I usually don't because it's all about the feel of the keyboard (for starters). Suggest you go to a music store and try some out. Some keys may feel too flimsy, others too hard, some just right. It's a Goldilocks and the Three Keyboard-Playing Bears kinda thing :mrgreen:


I play a weighted action keyboard, 88 keys because I like a piano feel. But keyboards come in a wide range of # of octaves as well as price. Some guys get by with these 1-octave keyboards while someone like myself can't fathom that LOL (I'm a pianist).


It might be helpful to have a keyboard that provides some programmable switches, knobs, and sliders. These can be used to maniuplate various plugin parameters.


When my controller was being overhauled I bought this one as a temporary replacement:




Very minimal, but 88 keys, semi-weighted. Not bad, but still a little too flimsy for my touch. Something like that might be just right for you tho. It's all a matter of feel and personal taste.


Here's an overwhelming overview of M-Audio's keyboard controllers:




Novation and Edirol make a similar series of controllers.


Stay away from the CME controllers for now. Currently they're manufacturered with a fatal flaw in which the velocity response of the black keys and the white keys aren't the same. They're great-feeling controllers, but until they fix that problem they're as good as dead IMO.


Anyway, I suggest you figure out the physical aspects first:


• number of octaves

• variety of controllers (knobs, switches, etc.) that you might want

• non-weighted vs. weighted or semi-weighted




• try some out




• price

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Many thanks for you suggestions!


Those comments are very helpful. So that I know where to start!


The one you suggest looks pretty. And the price is not bad at all!


I think my wallet will getting flat now..............Anyway.....THanks!

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i'd say you need an audio interface if you wanna record live instruments, i went all out and got a MOTU Traveller that's got more ins/outs than you can shake a stick at and sounds awesome and hasn't played up at all but its expensive. so for you maybe look into getting a novation x station or similar then you will have a synth/controller AND audio interface all in one product. The traveller is wicked though i got one firewire lead firing everything to the mac at super speed, no latencey it works like a dream so money well spent i'd say. some people don't like the MOTU's but i think mine sounds better than most.
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