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Tl Audio M1 desk and Apogee Rosetta 800

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if i were to get this desk and converter how would i cable it. i know i could get the adat option card but i dont really want to do that. apogee do breakout cables that have 8 xlrs going into a DB-25 multipin connector. but the desk by the looks of things only has 1/4" jack outputs for each channel.


how would an 8 simultaneous input be set up? cheers

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Lots of cable manufacturers will make you DB25 to multiple TRS snakes, of varying quality. The wiring on the Rosettas' DB25s is Tascam standard, you may even be able to find off-the-shelf items at Markertek or somewhere. I have some made by a company called BRTB that are... Adequate. Run the direct outs of the desk into the Rosetta and you're in business.


Be aware that this is not an inline desk, so you would need a 16 channel (do they even make one of those?) model to have 8 inputs and 8 returns available.


Also be aware that I actually owned one of TL's 2 channel EQs for a while (what can I say, I got it cheap), and it was total shite. No headroom, awful sound when driven, noisy, kept blowing tubes due to (IIRC) incorrect heater voltage. And I haven't heard anything better about their mixers, either.


For the same price you could get a Toft ATB 16, or a 16 ch Soundcraft Ghost, or have an older Souncraft or other small professional desk modded and re-capped (like I did)...


Much better options IMHO.

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I have a tla m3 tubetracker and rosetta and it works fine.

I sometimes I route the 8 outputs straight into pro tools via the rosetta when tracking drums.

Sometimes I just use the line in for 2 tracks on the mixbuss to eq and back into protools.

Really lovely warm eq.

You need a d-sub cable to connect from the rosetta.

Its a cinch.

I can recommend highly

Nigel :D

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