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new to mac & logic and stuck already?!


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working in a project and I minimised the arrange window leaving the camel space VST up. now i cant get it back.


i've closed and re-opened the project but still only the vst shows. the tune will play but no window


having never used a mac before n ever mind logic means I dont even know what to look for in the manual


help would be appreciated

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First off, when you're new is when you'd be expected to have the most problems....so I wouldn't be surprised by that...


So this might be the dumbest answer of all time, but maybe not...


When you minimize a window in the Apple OS, it will generally be in the dock, which is that bunch of icons along the bottom of the screen...so it could be that the window you're looking for has ended up there, probably on the right by the trash can....this is SO obvious to Mac users that they might not think of it....but maybe it'll help you...

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