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dumb question # 54


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I have an intel iMac. When I got it everything came pre-installed and there were 3 disks: Mac OS X Install Disk 1, Mas OS X Install Disk 2 and an iPod and iTunes disk. I'm missing some content in Logic 8 which I've been told I can restore by re-installing Garageband. But I never had to install Garageband in the first place because it was already there. I don't have an iLife installation disk so I'm assuming that the iLife material must be on one of the installation disks but which one? Can I reinstall garageband without re-installing Tiger? Thanks
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insert os x disc 1


there is an option to "INSTALL BUNDLED SOFTWARE ONLY", represented by an brown, open box icon










then CONTINUE again when prompted to run the installer check program



if all's well, you should now select your main hard drive and 'CONTINUE'



now, presented with the 'easy install page, there should be a 'CUSTOMIZE' button...bottom left



uncheck everthing, but 'GARAGEBAND'........press 'UPGRADE'.......and you should be good to go




hope this helps

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