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LE8 or LP8


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i have LE8.will someone please tell me everything logic pro has that logic express doesnt.i will be getting a universal audio express/34 dsp plug in processor and will mostly be using those plugins.because i will be getting that i dont know if its worth it to get logic pro.i will be using some of logics plug ins still but not all of them.i know express does not come with soundtrack pro,mainstage,as many apple loops,and jam packs.does logic pro have any more synths?plugins?i really want to get pro,but because im getting the uad processor,im not really sure if there is any reason to get it.THANKS!!!!!!
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here's the list of instruments in logic pro:




and other specs:




and the instruments and effects are included on this page for Logic express:




the main differences are Logic can deal with more outputs (thus good for surround), there are some better synths: ES2, Sculpture, EVP88 and effects: Space designer, delay designer etc.

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