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MCu Pro Apple Logic 8 = Not being recognized, PLEASE HELP


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I'm losing my mind trying to make this work, I've been up two straight days and nothing.


First of all in the MCU Pro i'm supposed to switch the mode to Apple Logic by clicking in the 8th v-pot, but nothing happens.


Then I manually located Mackie Universal in Logic and nothing happens.



I'm losing my f$@%ing mind, someone help me out

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Ok so it looks like my MCu Pro was an HUI mode, which obviously will not work in Logic.


Turn off the system, hold down CH.1 and Ch.2 Select at the same time during power up and now you're able to switch modes.


Ok I now I push in the V Pot on Ch.8 and now it's set up for logic.........



Problem is now when I touch any fader or button , the mixer is acting as a midi interface playing the instruments, WTF?


So instead of using fader 1 for volume, it plays notes?


Ahh man


Someone help me out

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