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Apogee Ensemble + multi mic pre

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Hi everyone!

I'm planing my studio upgrade, and one of the things that I still have to decide about is a multi mic/line preamp.

I'm buying the Ensemble for my interface, but I want to be able to record drums, so I need a couple more mic inputs than Ensembles's four. I have my eye on the Focusrite Octopre or the M-Audio Octane.

Anyone here using the Ensemble with any of these pre's? What's your word about it? How do you connect them?

Also, if you have any other suggestion for a multi pre, please, let me know :wink:


Thanks a lot.

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If you want just 4 channels, get the API 3124+. IMHO (and in the opinion of lots of other people with more experience and credits than me) the best mic preamps ever made.


If you need 8 channels, you could also try the True Systems Precision 8. A friend of mine has one of those and loves it.

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