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how do i setup a multi channel instrument in logic


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i was wondering when i open logic i open up the RMX in multichannel mode but cant seem to get it working right on the channels set it to all and still dont work. audioinstrument 1 has the rmx on it set to midi chan 1 i load 5 samples in the rmx but when set on midi chan 1 the first sample plays when i change it to midi chan 2 the second sample plays on the rmx but now the first sample on rmx wont how can i get it working so i can save memory?
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i wanted to do the multi setup for a vst instrument is it the same as out board gear i read the thread and still cant understand i just wanted to setup a vst instrument like the rmx so i could save system memory which the stylus rmx uses quite much im just trying to setup a multi with vsts let me know please
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