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Controlling external sound module with Logic Pro?


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Hi I am brand new to Midi although I have been using Logic 7 for a little over a year now. I recently bought a drum machine and a MIDI interface and have had no luck getting Logic to do anything with it. What do I do to get Logic to recognize the MIDI interface?

I have a MOTU MIDI EXPRESS 128 and a JOMOX 999.

I am sure that I just dont know where to get started, I read the manual and played around in the ENVIORMENT window with no luck.

Thank you

Scott :? :? :? :?

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Ok now that I can send midi to my drum machine.

However I have realized that I dont know crap about crap.

For example I thought that it would be as easy as taking a melodie line in Logic and dropping it on a midi track to play the kick drum like a bass.

Any good dedicated reading on Midi in Logic?

Scott :)

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