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Which Interface

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Hi im new to this forum ... but im sure this question has been asked many times before ..... which interface ???

Im looking for a 2 channel (minimum) with insert points as i want to use my TL Audio stereo /dual mono valve compressor .. i would use this as a front end direct into the computer but its has no phantom power :-( ..

The only interface i found so far is the Mackie Satellite ... anyone used this ?? Im also considering if i should use an interface at all and just use a small desk


I have a mac mini so i could use the built in / outs


I currently use a Line 6 UX2 .. which is not bad ... the guitar sounds leave a lot to be desired .. im more impressed with the guitar amp pro in Logic ..


I would appreciate any info you guys could share ...

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I would'nt know of an somple interface with insert points, but you can use your TL up front for recording and use the I/O plug for mixing, which would probably set you for at least an 8in/8out interface.


There's a million to chose from. If you got the dough, consider Metric Halo... I've had great experiences with the Motu Traveler too.


The quality of the AD/DA converter abd of the preamp(s) makes a big difference. If you don't plan to record many tracks of audio simultaneously, don't buy an interface with too many premaps because you may want to add external ones later on. I general, it may be wise to try not to put your $ on gadgets (such as built fx) you don't need...


And by all means, stay away from the Mac I/O.


Good luck!

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