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How to relink EXS instruments & Samples 4 whole library?


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I fubar'd myself... My Sample library is a mess of broken links/ references - resulting in EXS instruments taking forever to load.


I've made a ton of instruments using Keymap (saves as .exs) while at GF's using found/ recorded samples... I put on new external harddrive (Instrument folder for .exs file & EXSsample folder for .aiff sample files - both pointed to with alias's from my logic user foldr. I also copied the Instruments & Samples from my G5's user folder and placed in respective folders as above on the external drive (Origins & Distorted Reality sample librarys for eg.


But now to load an instrument, EXS has to look over every drive (system, internal, external).. which takes forever..


How do I reestablish the links to the proper samples in all these .exs instruments.


I would prefer a Logic solution, as EXSManager is beyond my budget today... and I have the time to let LP7 process over the next couple days.

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Ok... when in doubt .. use Brute Force!


Open LP7 and Project Manager window...


Set 'Scans' to exclude every drive.

Set Scans to include my EXSample folder on external drive (I've been really meticulous about putting all sample instrument samples ie. wav or aiff into this folder, organized exactly as the Sample Instrument folder)


Now... under 'Browse'

I select an Exs instrument folder (say... Bass2.. which has a dozen .exs instruments)

Then under Functions -> find any unresolved file references.


I've had to do this folder by folder (by Partition folder, if instrument folder was created using Akai Convert), to ensure that Lp7 can process it easily (under 3-5 minutes).


Its taken almost all day but seems to be working nicely... Logic Pro rules!

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