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Advice on Digidesign hardware

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Changing complete working environment in about a month or so.


from PC to MAc.

From Nuendo to Logic.


I am looking for an interface to go along my new setup.


I am buying the new MBP 2.4 with 4 GB ram upgrade.

I will be smart enough to listen to all your advices here on the forum about external HD, but which interface to pick is still bugging me.



I am working in a studio that is PT HD based. I know my way around PT, but logic seems the way to go for my side projects.


Also i hear they are compatible in terms of flawless OMF integration, routing possibilities, at least more than steinberg is...

NEVER WANT TO GO BACK, but that is another story.


Anyway since i have a good studio well equipped, i am looking for a portable solution, that would give me as little problems as possible. Driver issues, bad sound, bad integration with logic...


Here are some insights (only negative) on some of the interfaces i checked out this past week at MEsse in Frankfurt.


Apogee Duet- Quite Big, no digi I/O, unbalanced Out

TC Konnekt8- not bus powered, still drivers issues

Focusrite Saffire -

Motu - my past expirience tells me to stay away from it

M/Audio- never!


i own FF800.

To big dont need all the ins and out. Very satisfied with sound but really it must go. I want somethign smaller, more portable. FF400 is an option but very expensive.


2 in 2 out, stable drivers, Digi option, and gound sound is waht i am after. And fair price.


So i was thinking Mbox?


Any advice you can give about these products? Apart form the bundled software i get with it, is it any good?


I heard some complaints about being USB, not stable...

worth the money?


Any advice suggestions...

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So... You want to be able to use PT on this computer as well, is that it?


I wouldn't say that the Mbox is the best solution (I would probably recommend the Duet for what you're describing) except if you want to be able to run PT as well...


Some cautions, tho:


Since you're getting a new MBP (Intel) you'll be using Logic 8, which is (arguably) still in its infancy and has some issues. I don't know about the OMF thing (I could never get that to work properly)... Logic is a much better 'write/arrange/work out parts and ideas' platform than PT, but I find it frustrating (compared to PT) for recording and editing audio.


Currently, Digi LE and M-powered software does not work with Leopard on MacBooks... Don't know how long that will take to be resolved, but I can't even get Core Audio to recognize my girlfriend's Mbox on her MBP. So if you do go with Digi hardware, be prepared for an unspecified waiting period until you can use it.


I dunno about your dismissal of M-audio hardware. I've heard lots of horror stories, too, but I use one of those Lightbridge thingies into both Logic and PT 7.4 on a 2x2G5 (PPC) and it runs fine, for what it is. Gives me 16 channels of Apogee Rosetta I/O into PT M-powered, for a fraction of the cost of an HD rig.


Hope some of that is helpful.

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i had the same idea.


Logic would replace all my production work instead of Steinberg. FOr recording (if neccessary i would use PT)


As far as software is concerned, i woudl stay on tiger for at least a year, or till things would get the way they should with audio softHardware.


As far as interfaces ar concerned i still have a glitch.


What i woudl try to avoid is buying shitloads of pieces till i get the right stuff

THat is why i am bugging you all.


Seems the Konnekt is still the way to go.

I mean considering the duet. Cheaper, digi I/O. and what duet has to offer me are better converters, which i dotn relaly need and better pre/amps, ditto.

Plus i really need balanced outputs.


The fear i have is that i will use a great interface FF800, for something that doesnt remotely works as it.




so many gear, so little time.

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  • 7 months later...

Hey guys (and girls),


So after a couple of months using Logic i must say its awesome. Some options is jsut crazy simple, very intuitive and practical.


However, i still want to use PT at home. No disrespect to L* but some features in PT (editing) is far superior to any software that i know of. And the fact, that i have been using them for the last 5 years at work...


I would like to get some 1st hand info.

I am thinking of getting the Mbox Micro.


1. i would run L8 without Mbox even plugged to avoid any conflicts, or is that not necessary?

2. can i use my first interface (echo audiofire4) along the Micro in Pro Tools as a playback and recording unit?



thanks for now,


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I'm in similar situation started getting back into recording with Logic then got a job in a PT HD shop. I got a MBox 2 with PT so I can use both at home. MBox's are useable, but not great gear. I would say reading you message to consider the MBox Mini not the Micro. The Micro is basically a dongle and limited functionality compared to rest of MBox's. The Mini is still small, but has one mic input and all the capabilities of rest of the Mbox's.


FYI PT LE hardware drivers still have issues with Leopard and Digi says PT 8 should be the fix and PT 7.4.2 will be fixed after PT 8 comes out.

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you are totally right.

Micro will not answer all my questions and needs. I still want the ability to record into it and even listen playback. I cant do that with non-digidesgin interface audio unit.


so its mini i guess, i dont really need the mbox2.

and the PRO although has its pros (hehe) its still a bit pricey. I mean i would still want to keep my main interface. Actually i could then have 6 simultanoues outputs in Logic!




thanks for the info

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