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Logic 7 express help........audio input / record enable


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A few problems........... sorry if very basic but tried for hours and can't fix aghhhhh....


Am new to Logic and I can't seem to get any record enable buttons on my channel strips? It only shows freeze and mute functions.


I am using the built in input on MBPro as my Digi 002 is getting repaired.


I have selected the built in output as audio driver in core audio window of preferences as no other option there??


Also on the I/O section of the channel strip I have no way of selecting an input....it just comes up with No Input.


Any help greatly received...



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When you import an audio file into the Logic session, can you hear it thru the speakers or headphone out or whatever? This is a good sign that you have the preferences right...


Beyond that, is it by chance a stereo channel strip? With only one input available, a stereo channel may show up this way. I'm shooting in the dark here, but...


Is it a stereo 1/8" (minijack, like iPod headphones) input, or a built-in mic?


AFA seeing record enable buttons, go to View (in the Arrange window)>Track Record Buttons...

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thanks for help mate but got fixed.


basically intel macs have problems with older versions of logic and need to set up aggregated device in Audio Midi Set Up and add extra built in input and output to then select from preferences as driver.


a real hassle if don't know about but now do.



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