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Horrendous Midi Lag With LP8 & Other Probs


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Hi, using a 2.8GHz imac with 4GB RAM Using LP8


Have not done a lot of producing yet on this machine till last night & realized that these iMacs are not great for music :cry:


As well as Cpu issues & other weird things last night i am getting a horrendous case of midi lag with my softsynths! Some seem to be worse than others. Also audio break up consists alot with my softsynths.


Also 1 min my USB Korg MS20 keyboard works, then my hardware synth thats connected to a MOTU MKII via midi is dead & doesnt trigger any notes or vise versa!


The above did happen on my old G5 setup also :?


Is it just a CPU issue or something in the prefs?


Any help would be much appreciated.



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