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"Error syncing audio and midi"


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Hello. I am running Logic 8.0.1 on a G5 PPC Quad with OSX 10.4.11 and 4.5GB of RAM. Motu Traveler upgraded to driver/firmware 1.07 (latest on MOTU site). Recording all audio to a firewire hard drive. I guess I did some sort of Mac "Software Update" a few weeks back before I had to go out of town on business for a few weeks.


Tonight, I thought I would get back into some recording. To my surprise, Logic will not output any sound at all. I get the error message "Error syncing audio and midi" (the only thing else it does is make some weird hums/clicks while playing back the song in Logic).


ITunes playback works fine through the MOTU Traveler and I've not messed with any of the MOTU settings. Just a month ago, before I proceeded with the Software Update through Software Updater, everything worked great. I don't see this as a Core Audio or Audio Interface problem as I think I've trouble shot everything.


I need help and advice please. Totally flummoxed. Is there any factory reset for all Logic 8 settings? :x


Thanks for helping me get this straightened out. Mike

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