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Daniel Lanois' Film "Here is What is"


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I thought I'd share with you guys this little gem that came out yesterday.


Daniel Lanois (born September 19, 1951 in Hull, Quebec) is a Canadian record producer and singer-songwriter. He has released a number of albums of his own work and has produced albums for a wide variety of artists including Bob Dylan, The Parachute Club, U2, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, Robbie Robertson, the Neville Brothers, Chris Whitley, Ron Sexsmith and Nash the Slash.



Daniel Lanois released a DVD, called "Here is What is" which takes you on a journey with him for a year (the movie is 1:30), into different studios with different artists, but mainly recording his own record.


It's very interesting and insightful for anyone who makes music, I think. You won't find any specific tips (like, the magic settings on an LA-2A Compressor are...), but watching a master at work is what I consider to be the best kind of learning.


Especially when it's a producer who sometimes records a full drum kit with two dynamic mics.


At the top of the movie, Lanois says that it's about beauty, the source of beauty. And having written and recorded an album like Shine, I'm convinced that he knows what he's talking about.


Check it out, http://www.redfloorrecords.com/


I'm not affiliated, just a long-time fan.

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